Aims and Scope

Objectives of publication of historical research journal

In order to grow and expand the Iranian-Islamic culture, the Historical Research Quarterly publishes the research news of experts in the historical field so that it becomes available to those who are interested.

Historical Research Journal of Isfahan University is active in all historical fields in order to expand the boundaries of knowledge, increase scientific information and research, and publish the results of innovative and valuable research.


For the research of such a goal, a relatively long time should be spent so that all researchers, professors and students of the country's universities know the quarterly and introduce it to others if the articles are useful. This publication hopes to be added to international publications.

Main topics:

Historical Research Journal is ready to receive articles in the following fields.

• Historical developments in the Islamic world

• Historical developments of Iran in the Islamic period

• Historical developments of Iran in the contemporary period

• Historical developments of the ancient era

• History of world developments