Guide for Authors

The Journal of Historical Researches

The quarterly of historical researches publishes new scholarly finding of scholars in the field of history in order to develop and enhance the Islamic Iranian culture. The acceptance of articles in this journal depends on meeting the following scholarly conditions:


  1. The article should be original, analytical and be the result of scholarly researches of the author(s).
  2. The scientific methodology should be followed in writing the article and original, authentic up-to-date sources should be used.
  3. Note: after receiving, the article is first evaluated by the editorial board and it will be sent to reviewers if it enjoys the necessary conditions. Subsequently, based on the commentaries and suggestions of the reviewers, the results and acquired scores of the article are discussed in the editorial board and the article will be published if acquires enough scores and acceptance.


Structure of the article

  1.  The paper should have a strong and firm structure principles of Persian rhetoric and eloquence should be considered in it.
  2. The research-scientific paper has a specific structure which should be considered precisely. The conditions of this kind of article are as following:
  • The title of the article should be brie and clear.
  • Abstract should be at most 15 lines (between 200 to 300 words).
  • Keywords should be at most 6 words.
  • Introduction should be clear, precise and argues the case for your study (between 5000 to 10000 words).
  • The background of research is necessary.
  • Main discussion (this section should clarify the topic of research).
  • Conclusion (in this section the findings and results of the study are proposed clearly and precisely).
  • The paper should be at most 25 pages and each page should consist of 23 lines.
  • Bibliography



The name of the author(s) together with their academic grade, work address, and academic as well non-academic email address should be mentioned (mentioning the telephone number of the corresponding author in the attachment sheet is necessary).

The English and foreign names and terms should be mentioned immediately after their Persian forms in the parentheses in the text of the article.


The method of referencing and bibliography-writing:

The journal employs APA method for referencing and bibliography-writing and, thus, the author(s) should follow this method in referencing. For intertextuality references, the surname of the writer, the date of publication and the number of the page(s) are necessary, and they should be written in parentheses for example (Shafii Kadkani, 1370:304). In bibliography section or extra-textual references, the following formats should be used:

a) Books

Surname, Name. (Date of publication). Title of the Book. (Name of the translator or corrector). Place of Publication: Name of the Publisher.

b) Articles

Surname, Name. (Date of publication). “Title of the Article”, Title of the Journal, Volume (Number or Issue): Number of Pages.

c) Proceedings

Surname, Name. (Date of publication). “Title of the Article”, (Name of the compiler or editor), Title of the Proceedings, Place of Publication: Name of the Publisher. Number of Pages.

d) Websites

Surname, Name. (Date of publication). “Title of the Article or the Subject”, Address of the Website (the last date of access to the website).


1) The papers should be submitted electronically. For submitting the paper, the author(s) should first register in the journal system of University of Isfahan ( and then submit his/her paper.

2) The papers derived from the thesis should have the confirmation letter of the thesis’ supervisor.

3) The paper should not have been published in other journals or presented in any conferences.

4) The submitted papers should accord completely with the format of the journal.

5) The journal reserves the right to accept, reject and revise the submitted paper.

6) The corresponding author should be specified.